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the environment, that's great. just a bonus. >> you can see this big one was cut. >> reporter: phyllis and mike mcgee grow trees by stump culturing. they are able to grow another tree on the same stump as the one they cut down. phyllis says it's for labor- intensive but better than the way trees are grown in a store. >> they do what's called clear- cutting on those. they just cut them off at the ground. then they have to come back through re-seed and it takes a lot more water. >> reporter: down there you can't see it but there is the old stump where there used to be a tree. they cut it down. now the new arm started to grow out, they decided which arm would be the best, and pruned it and this is it. you can see a brand-new tree is growing from the stump of the old one. the family says coming here is more about the gift that keeps on giving but sprouting new memories that will last forever. >> just being here as a family. we have done this since the kids were 3 or 4. so we come out and make it a tradition. we hope they will tole it when they have kids. >> reporter: in el dorado counties, ian schwart
on the environment is considering a proposal to ban butterfly releases in the city. >> the commercial release of butterflies really offsets some of the scientific research that folks are doing to try to monitor and to keep an effective count on what the native specious looks like. >> reporter: monarch papers say they don't breed, they are sterile and provide no threat to the government. doesn't the city council have bigger fish to fry? >> this is a democracy. this was brought to your attention. >> would you do this with squirrels or bats? >> reporter: that's a good question. in san francisco, donford, kpix5. >>> a recent report says the monarch butterfly population had low migration levels from mexico. >>> the first day of what is a cold snap. the cold temps will be felt across the bay area. >> you forgot, you were quickly reminded when you went outside. >> today was the one day to forget. starting tomorrow, bring your scarf, your jacket, and the kids need a thicker jacket going to school. maybe you will just sit in inside all day to watch channel 5. i want to show you what is going on first.
of small trees to provide a warm and sunny environment inside. >> this is the most economical way for us to protect our trees. >> reporter: another citrus grower in san jose with trees too big to cover will just have to sweat out tonight's freeze warning which takes effect at 9 p.m. and runs through 9 a.m. thursday. >> get it on there. let it dry. but then you also need to cover your plants. >> reporter: gardeners throughout the bay area are coming to their local nurseries for frost protection products. wendy of gilroy snapped up the last of the plant covers at this store in morgan hill. by noon today, they were completely sold out. >> i just planted everything. and so this is actually my first round at gardening so i was told to go out and protect it. >> reporter: workers at johnson garden center took their own advice and moved sensitive and expensive tropical plants to shelter. >> part of nursery, you know, and part of gardening. you have to be careful and protect your plants. >> reporter: we just took gilroy's temperature. it's down to 42 degrees and dropping fast. you know, growers a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3